Sunday, September 13, 2009

Audio Essay.

This is a story of hurricane Floyd in Tarboro, NC. Almost all of the sound are my own recordings, I wonder if you can tell the sound that I pulled from a video on-line? I think I included all the aspects of the flood, as I know them. As I listen to these sounds, I think about the flood and all the different things that have happened since then. The audio has taken on meaning beyond the meaning that I had originally given it, which is why I'm not explaining it here.

The Audacity project ended up having a total of 8 stereo tracks and consumed 108 Mb on my HDD in it's raw form. In compressed form, Floyd only takes 2.8 Mb, which is substantially less! :-)

Listen and enjoy. I'd rather now put my own meaning into this; please interpret these sounds as you will!

Here is the file!

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