Monday, September 7, 2009

Post about Audio

I just discovered something interesting. I've been walking around with my borrowed Olympus audio device and recording things that I think sound interesting.

I feel crazy.

You might wonder why, but you need not wonder for long! People looked at me like I was out of my gourd. I had people walk past me at the aquarium who almost ran into pillars and other displays of fish. I had one mother shoot me a dirty look before she pushed her child on to the next tank.

What the heck?

I wonder about this. Why is it so strange to have an audio recording of something? Why is it not equally invasive to be taking pictures of random strangers? I was (probably am) in at least 2 dozen photos from a young couple at the sand dunes in Kitty Hawk. They were playing and taking pictures of each other in my general direction. Should I not be offended that they selected my spot to take pictures? I mean, with facial recognition technology what it is, they could use my face to identify me, and blackmail me with sitting on top of a dune with borrowed NCSU equipment. (Sorry, that steals your thunder, oh brazen youth!)

Yet me, with my quiet little audio recording device, I am the devil walking around trying to steal peoples souls. Yes, images are apparently fine, but audio? That is just an evil idea.

I also discovered that purely audio recordings of events are interesting. Very interesting. My son playing on a sand dune is wonderfully enjoyable to listen to. A crowded aquarium on Labor day conveys they hectic emotions that one feels surrounded by hundreds of toddlers and their families. Listening to the sound on the dunes creates a sadness for those things lost (silence, for one).

Keep an eye here for more historical things... Or not.

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